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wild moccasins

Wild Moccasins were always one of my favorite bands to see in Houston.  Fun, catchy songs with the stage presence to back it up.  It’s a band that looks like they’re actually enjoying playing for you.

Unfortunately, I haven’t gotten a chance to catch them since moving to Austin.  That is until Monday night, when I saw them open for Of Montreal at the Mohawk, a great example of a bill that actually works together.  If you like Of Montreal, there’s a good chance you’ll like Wild Moccasins.  The bands are on a U.S. tour for the next month and you should absolutely make it out if they’re coming through your town. Read More

What instrument do you want to hear more of in indie music?

If someone asked me that question, I don’t think my first answer would be violin.  It’s an instrument much more associated with a classical sound – or a country sound if you call it a fiddle.  It’s an instrument that you would expect to feel out of place in indie.

But there are a lot of folks out there rocking the violin – and not just putting it in the background, but bringing it to the forefront.  In particular, Owen Pallett comes to mind. Have you heard his cover of the Stroke’s “Hard to Explain”?  It’s a thing of beauty.

And if you’re feeling that kind of sound, there’s another musician you need to check out:  K. Ishibashi, aka Kishi Bashi.  He’s played violin with a number of indie bands,  most recently with Of Montreal.   But he recently announced he’ll be leaving Of Montreal and this past April, he released his first full-length album, 151a, via Joyful Noise.

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