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With “Death to Los Campesinos!” being one of their earliest singles, Los Campesinos! has long had an interest in mortality, so the band’s latest single, “What Death Leaves Behind” isn’t coming as a departure from their earlier work.

The band did start with a much more twee  sound initially – even penning a track called “The International Tweexcore Underground” – they’ve been getting more serious over the last few records. Read More

this is how we do it

Way back in March of 2012, when I got married to the fantastic Throwback-Thursday Dan, we didn’t go on a real honeymoon.  Instead, the week after our wedding, we headed to Austin for SXSW.

Okay, so I’m sure some of you are going to claim that SXSW was our honeymoon, but that’s bullshit. I want a honeymoon that features laying around on sandy beaches, not standing around drinking shitty beer next to dumpster. (I can do that anytime…) Read More

jjOh readers. I am sorry. It has been a shameful 12 days since I’ve last posted. I assume you’ve just been sitting in front of your computer during that time, constantly refreshing my page in hopes that a new post would come, and I have failed you.

However. I have a fantastic reason for being gone for so long.  I happen to live in Texas, where the Republicans have been trying to ram through a crazy restrictive anti-abortion bill during a special session.  That is, until the women and men of Texas showed up to shut that down.  So I’ve been spending a good chunk of my time down at the Capitol, and blog posting became a casualty of that. Read More

pure-bathing-cultureIs it hot where you are? It’s hot where I am.

Well, it’s been hitting the 90s here in Austin, which isn’t the hottest it will get this summer, but it certainly feels hot when I’m riding my bike up one of the city’s many hills.

When it starts to hit this weather, I start to crave a certain kind of music.  Some thing that’s mid-tempo and breezy.  Something like this new track from Pure Bathing Culture. Read More

los campesinosIf you’re a Los Campesinos! fan, I’ve got some pretty great news for your Friday.  The UK-based indie pop band is releasing their very first live album, which will be available for digital download on May 4th.

A Good Night For A Fistfight was recorded last December at Islington Assembly Hall in London, where the band played a 21-song set spanning all of their albums.  The show was particularly noteworthy because it marked the last show with band member Ellen Campesinos!, as well as the appearance of Aleks Campesinos! playing her first show in three years.

Read More

little boots

So SXSW (at least the part that matters) is just about a week away, and like many of you, I’m starting to pull my schedule together and get ready for a mini-marathon of day drinking.

As all of y’all from the colder parts of our nation dig out your short-sleeve shirts and cowboy boots for the trek to Austin, the weather is getting ready for you.  Today was perfect SXSW weather – sunny, not to hot but not to cold. Beautiful.

Anytime the weather’s like this is begins to remind me of SXSWs-past, and all the fantastic acts I’ve gotten a chance to see there.

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