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Swedish dream-pop duo jj has a new video of “Beautiful Life,” the A-side of their 7″  jj nº 4.  It features a series of clips, mostly taking from moving vehicles – cars, boats, planes.

The exotic locales featured fit perfectly with this song, with vocalist Elin Kastlander singing  “I know we will go where the sunshine hits our eyes” while you take in the lush vegetation floating by.  If you didn’t get a spring break, this video will do in a pinch.

Director Patricia Paulsson had this to say about it:

When they asked us to and ispired us to create a video for their beautiful teaser, us being all of us in this beautiful universe living beautiful lives, I did what I did and this is what I did.

I took whatever was already on my computer, the camera used is the cheapest basic pink digital camera I could find. You too should do as they please.

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So, unlike everyone who is cool, I was not listening to Swedish dream-pop duo jj back in 2009, when the released their first EP (jj n° 1) and their first album (jj  2).  I wasn’t even listening to them in spring 2010, when the released their second album (jj  3).

No, I didn’t spend any time listening to the band until Christmas Eve 2010, when they released their Kills mixtape.  For whatever reason, that was the time when jj finally hit me.  I had that mixtape – which featured samples from Kanye West, Jay-Z, and M.I.A., among others – on heavy rotation for a very long time.  The mix of hazy vocals and great beats was such an irresistable combo.  Unfortunately, the mixtape isn’t available for download anymore, but it looks like you can stream it on Soundcloud.

Since then, jj has released a few free mp3s, but no actual, physical releases…until today.  The band announced they’ll be releasing jj  4 – a 7″ out on May 8th via Secretly Canadian/Sincerely Yours.  The A-side of that 7″ is the track “Beautiful Life,” which you can stream or download below.

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