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In her latest video, Charli XCX brings together the perfect mix of glitter and goth she’s known for.   The Ryan Andrews-directed clip features sparkles, grainy footage, and Disney princesses.

Yes, Disney princesses.  Which is a pretty awesome inclusion considering this is a song is about the breakup of a relationship – i.e., not a happy ending those princesse made all of us pine for.  But rather than consider these implications, I spent most of the video wondering how they did the editing to make it look like the princesses were singing Charli’s lyrics.
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Some days, I’m feeling a song so much that I can barely stop listening long enough to blog about it.  That’s what happened today with this track from Glasgow’s CHVRCHES.

This beautiful bit of synthpop, “The Mother We Share,” is CHVURCHES debut release, which will be out later this fall via National Anthem.

It’s one of those songs that catches you after only a couple listens and sticks with you for the rest of the afternoon.  The comparisons to Purity Ring are apt, with the female vocals and heavy production. It’s not a copycat – CHVRCHES has its own thing going on. But you just might keep it on repeat the way you’ve been spinning Purity Ring’s Shrines.

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When Passion Pit released their debut EP Chunk of Change, I loved it as a fun electropop record with some sweet love songs.  I danced to it, but I didn’t really pay much attention to it.  Their first full-length, Manners, was much of the same.  I heard good beats, but not a lot of substance.

And when they started releasing music from their second full-length album Gossamer, I honestly wasn’t even paying attention.  The novelty of the synth beats and falsetto had worn off for me.

But then I read Larry Fitzmaurice’s interview/feature with frontman Michael Angelakos, which delves into Angelakos’ struggles with bipolar disorder.  And it gave me a totally new lens with which to listen to Passion Pit, and – for the first time – to actually pay attention to the lyrics.

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In her new video for “You’re the One,” Charli XCX seems to be making her case for being an official “Bad Influence On Your Tweens.”   The clip, directed by Dawn Shadforth, shows Charli performing in an abandoned building with a group of serious young girls in the background.  I don’t know about y’all, but I don’t think my mom would have gone for that.

Charli XCX told Interview Mag that this video was “the perfect representation of who I am as an artist,” and it’s a great visual representation of her music.  It’s just dark enough for that “goth” label that seems to follow her, but bright enough to be pop.

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Let me tell you a story about the first time I saw Diamond Rings.  It was a day party in the middle of SXSW, meaning everyone there was hungover.  The show was in some abandoned field.  It was unseasonably hot, and there was approximately 6 square feet of shade.   If I was supposed to perform, I probably would have just stood in the corner of the stage and grumpily plowed my way through the set.

But I am not John O’Regan, aka Diamond Rings.  He ignored all the not-so-awesome aspects of his set-up and performed like he was playing a sold-out show.  And for that reason, I will always have love for Diamond Rings.

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Though it feels like we’ve been waiting forever, Shrines, the debut album from Purity Ring, still won’t be out for another month. In the meantime, though, another track from the band has been released.

Like the other track’s we’ve heard from the Canadian duo, this one’s got synths that will envelop your ears and ethereal vocals that will have you searching for deeper meaning.

Whether for good or for bad, it’ll only make you more desperate to hear the whole album. You can stream the song below, then grab the mp3 courtesy of 4AD:

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There’s a handful of women out there right now making really fantastic electro-pop music, and UK-based Charli XCX is one of them.  Her songs are catchy enough to get your singing along on the first play, yet interesting enough to keep you playing it over and over.

You can hear her style on the newly released track “You’re The One” streaming below.  I love how how the breathy, almost goth-y vocals of the verse segue into a more traditional pop sound at the chorus.

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You’ve probably been jamming to Purity Ring‘s “Belispeak” for a while now, as it’s been around since last summer. But in preparation for their debut LP Shrines – out July 24th via 4AD – they’ve released the song as a 12″ single, along with an instrumental and acapella version of the song.

And if that wasn’t enough, they’ve also released their first official video, directed by BREWER, featuring Megan James spending time in a dark, murky swamp.  It’s enigmatic yet compelling, just like their music.

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Grimes has released a new video for her song “Nightmusic,” off her new album Visions.  The video, directed by John Londono, features Grimes in some sort of Brothers Grimm-style woodlands.

No, I have no idea what is going on is this video.  Yes, the spelling of “majical cloudz” makes me crazy.  But, c’mon, did you really think I was going to pass up a chance to post some music from Grimes?

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