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I’ve finally completed my favorite “best of” list – the songs.  As much as I enjoy creating (and reading) best album lists, the truth is that I’ll probably never go back and listen to all 30 of my favorite albums from 2011 in succession.

However, I will go back and listen to my “best of” mix – aka my favorite tracks of 2011.  It’s a musical time capsule.  You can return to your past best of mixes and get a sense where you were musically, personally, emotionally.

Unlike my other “best of” lists, they’re not ranked in order.  Rather, they’re arranged in a way that I think works as a complete playlist.  If you want to hear it, you can check it out here on Spotify.

Tracklisting after the jump.

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There seems to be some misunderstanding in the bloggosphere about “best of” lists.  This year, I saw several rants preceding year-end lists that went to great lengths to explain that they were NOT “best of” lists, because no one can definitely say who had the best albums (because, of course, no one has listened to every album produced in a given year and music is subjective and on and on).  Seriously?  I didn’t realize the Internet took things so literally.

So I will go on calling my lists “best of” lists, because it sounds so much better than “some albums I thought were kind of good, but I don’t know, you could have a different opinion, right?”  Enjoy!

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So, I could write a really self-righteous post about “best of” lists right now – about how its ridiculous that people are posting them in the beginning of December, about how everyone is rushing to be the first to put their list up – but here’s the reality: i’m putting up my best of 2011 lists now because this is the first time in a few months I’ve actually had the time to do so.

I’ve taken a break from blogging for the last few months, but I haven’t taken a break from consuming music.  So for that reason – and because “best of” lists are one of my favorite parts about blogging – I’m kicking off Best of 2011 posts today!  My top albums will be up later this week, and my top tracks will be up next week, but in the meantime, here are my favorite EPs of 2011.

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