Throwback Thursday

One time Matt Pond PA called me an alcoholic. This is true. It really did happen. I was sort of insulted by it but perhaps that is mainly because it seemed to hit too close to home!

Well sort of. I mean I guess I am worried about drinking too much but I do not feel like I am an alcoholic or anything really.

Anyway this is about Matt Pond PA. And really only tangentially about my drinking…

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Welcome to 2013 errrrrrrrbody!!

So we’re back with a throwback that goes wayback. Well not that far back really but a good ways nonetheless. Anyway, we’re talking about Depeche Mode!

They put out a new single this week which I guess is fine. Old people still need to make music. I listened to it. It was ok I guess. You can check it out here. Honestly though I have not been a fan of Depeche Mode for like 20 years. And even back then ‘fan’ would be over stating it.

Don’t get me wrong, I like Depeche Mode. I just did not really listen to them that much. For my money, Erasure was more fun. but this is not about Erasure.

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It’s Christmas!!!

You had to know that any decent throwback around Christmas is gonna have to be this song right? Well we do not disappoint!

I have been listening to this song on Christmas eve for years now and it never gets old. Sometimes I have been too drunk to almost make it through before passing out. Other times I have been surrounded by great friends and loved ones. But either way I always listen to this song at the holidays.

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It’s list time again folks! And Laura says I can write some lists too!! So here are some lists of some random things – books, records, songs, etc. It’s long but I hope you enjoy it some… either way, it’s the end of the year wrap up!!

Since I write the throwback Thursday section sometimes I get to be the resident cranky person. I love it since I can often be found shaking my fist at baggy pants wearing teenagers who have the gall to walk on my lawn!

Anyway, here is a list of things that are dumb and/or irritating to me right now. They aren’t in any real order except number 1 is probably in the right spot… I would say that this is for the whole 2012 but I can’t remember all the way back an entire year!

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This isn’t really a throwback Thursday though that is what I usually write. But I am not quite sure what it is…

So I read this book recently called Catastrophism: The Apocalyptic Politics of Collapse and Rebirth put out last month by PM Press. It’s about political tendencies that have an aspect of end-of-the-world gloom and doom. It covers a various range of topics over its short length – from the environmental movement’s attempts to mobilize people through fear of the impending global collapse to right-wing catastrophists like Anders Breivik, who fear the end of the world is coming fast and multi-culturalism is the cause. it’s a good and very interesting book that I highly recommend.

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Ten years ago Don’t Fall In Love With Everyone You See (henceforth referred to as DFILWEYS) was released. I figure if you were releasing things ten years in the past, it’s long enough to consider something a throwback. In fact, OR’s first release – the Bedroom EP – came out in 1998. So they are plenty old!

But make no mistake, the music Okkervil River is making today is still as good and fresh and intelligent as it was then. If anything, Sheff has gotten better at his craft. But the narrative abilities have been there from the very beginning.

There is a thing I do (and maybe you who are list people do as well) where I rate records that are local/regional on a different scale. I am from Houston and OR was from Austin but I figured close enough…

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So bob Dylan has a new record out and is touring around and whatnot. And more importantly I have become obsessed with buying used Dylan records on

If you aren’t familiar with discogs then you are missing out! You can buy and sell records and whatnot. It’s a great place to get used vinyl. I buy tons of used books via and used records via

I should get a kick back for that free advertising…

Anyway, Dylan. So if you are a faithful follower of throwback thursdays then you know that I listened to some punk type stuff on tapes when I was young – especially the Dead Kennedys. It wasn’t until after getting way into the punk stuff did I think go back to stuff like Dylan.

My dad is a super cool guy. I remember one time on a weekend with him (yes I am a child of divorce!!) he took me to the record store where I bought In God We Trust on tape and he let me play it in the car on the way home. DK was not his type of music but he let me play because it was what I liked. I thought (and still think) that was pretty fucking cool. It is also something I try to do with my daughter (though she plays her music off her mp3 player and not from tapes and, at any rate, I don’t have a tape deck in my car).

What does all this have to do with Bob Dylan?

I’m getting there.

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I mentioned before that I saw Peter Murphy at Astroworld in Houston and that House of Love opened up – and it was an amazing show.

I was a huge Peter Murphy fan by this time but I had not really heard of House of Love so some days before the show I went to Sound Warehouse (anyone remember that place?) and bought a House of Love tape.

It was the one pictured above – the second self-titled also known as the butterfly album.

This record (and really House of Love entirely) has such a contextual sound. They are the descendants of The Smiths and a very obvious precursor to Blur and Oasis. Something akin to the interwar years but with brit-pop. Their sound very much screams 1990!

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