bells atlas

Okay, after a solid week of SXSW coverage, it’s probably time for something new.

And what’s better than my favorite series, Recommenders, where some of 70/day/wknd’s favorite bands recommend new bands for us to check out.

This edition is a particularly exciting one because it’s coming from Bells Atlas, a band I first learned about from the TRAILS AND WAYS edition of recommenders.

As Miley Cyrus would say, “It’s pretty cool.”

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Photo by Peter Lee

Today, I’m introducing a new series on 70dayweekend, joining the vaunted ranks of throwback thursday, better late than never, and take cover.  The series, recommenders, will feature music recommendations from some of my favorite bands and artists.

Why ask bands for recommendations?  It’s not that I think musicians as a group tend to be the most well-versed in the latest releases.  If you’re looking for that, music-obsessed bloggers like myself are probably your best bet.

But, in my experience, they tend to give fantastic music recommendations.  My theory is that, as creators of new music, musicians tend to consume and experience songs in a slightly different way than the rest of us.  Which, in turn, leads them to recommend a band or album which quickly turns into your new favorite.
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