I’ll admit that I haven’t been following M.I.A‘s love life all too closely, but this track she released yesterday makes me suspect she’s got some heavy shit going on.

With a slower tempo than she typically uses,  “UNBREAK my mixtape” is a sample-heavy break up song containing the lyric I now I want to use in my real life: “While I get my life sorted, here’s a mixtape.” Read More

this is how we do it

Way back in March of 2012, when I got married to the fantastic Throwback-Thursday Dan, we didn’t go on a real honeymoon.  Instead, the week after our wedding, we headed to Austin for SXSW.

Okay, so I’m sure some of you are going to claim that SXSW was our honeymoon, but that’s bullshit. I want a honeymoon that features laying around on sandy beaches, not standing around drinking shitty beer next to dumpster. (I can do that anytime…) Read More

Because it’s almost the weekend, and because they love you, your favorite hip-hop/soul duo THEESatisfaction have released a mixtape, which they titled THEESatisfaction Loves Anita Baker.

I can’t say Anita Baker is my favorite Baker (70DW <3s Ella Baker), but you gotta respect someone who’s been making music for over three decades.

Check out final track, “Cabin Fever Sweet Love”, via Gorilla vs. BearRead More

When I was thinking about what music might be appropriate for Labor Day, it struck me that there are several different ways people interpret the holiday.  For many, it’s seen as the unofficial shift from summer to fall.  For a certain population, it’s associated with going back to school.  And, as one expert source reminds us, it “celebrates the economic and social contributions of workers.”

Not wanting to leave any of these traditions out, I’ve found seven different songs that represent possible attitudes toward Labor Day.  Put the one that best represents your take on the holiday, or play them all to experience the full musical essence of the day.  Then, go eat some hot dogs or something.

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Happy Friday!  Since you’re probably not going to get any work done today anyway, why not expand your musical horizons?

One of those musical resolutions I often make (and break) is to listen to music that comes outside the US and UK.  In fact, a quick look at my record collection tells you I am doing a terrible job of it.  But the reality is, finding music outside of your comfort zone – whether it be genre, region, or language – isn’t an easy task.  Sometimes you need a little help.

So today, I turn to tUnE-yArD‘s Merrill Garbus, who has put together a fantastic thirty-minute mix as part of Okay Africa‘s Africa In Your Earbuds series.  The seven-song mix features music from Ethiopia, Somalia, Tanzania, South Africa, Nigeria, and DR Congo.

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Welcome to summer!  Now I know what you’re thinking – Memorial Day is usually the unofficial kickoff to summer, and I’m about 5 days late in posting.  But I celebrate the beginning of my summer on the last day of school, which just so happens to be today.  And now that it’s officially summer – in my eyes at least – it’s time to start thinking about summer mixtapes.

More than any other season, summer makes me crave a good mixtape.  I try to make one every summer – a mixture of songs that are explicitly about the season and songs that “feel like summer.”  Now, I can’t help you with those songs that “feel like” summer, because what feels like summer to me might not feel like summer to you.  And what feels like summer in 2011 might not feel like summer in 2012.  But I can help you with those other songs – the ones with a more literal take on the topic.  Mix these songs with your own picks and you’re sure to have the perfect mixtape for the pool, the beach, or that great road trip.

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So you just realized that Valentine’s day is on Tuesday, and you’re totally unprepared.  Not to worry, because a mixtape is the ultimate gift.    If you wanna go the extra mile, you can buy this mix tape usb drive  for instant twee-ish nostalgia points.

Having trouble deciding how to fill it?  Here are 10 of my favorites from mixes I’ve made and received over the years:

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