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Unlike the rest of the world, who seem content to publish their “best of” lists in mid-December, I can never really get my head around it until the year is over, which is why this post comes as my first of 2014, rather than my last of 2013.

This post will also be my last of 2014, as I’ve decided to shut down 70/day/wknd. Don’t worry – it’s me, not you.  All the classic reasons apply: I’ve gotten busy with work/school and blogging has become a bit of a drag, so no hard feelings here.

But before you and I part ways, take a minute to check out some of the albums in 2013 that got me going.

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Hola Amigos! I know it’s been a long time since I hollered atcha… (JIM ANCHOWER 4 EVAH!) but I figured I owed you a year end something!

I didn’t listen to a lot of new stuff this year. Or rather I didn’t listen to a lot of new records all the way through this year… I did listen to a lot of songs that were new though! Like Phosphorescent. That Zula whatever song was so good. I am sure there was other good stuff I listened to that was new…

More importantly I listened to a lot of old stuff that kicks tons of ass and that everyone should listen to. I also read books too. So there’s that.

So with that in mind, here are my 7 things from 2013!
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Damn, is it spring already?  February seemed to fly by – almost like it was shorter than all the other months…

Alright, all bad jokes aside, the end of February is also the unofficial end of winter, meaning it’s time to take a look at all the fantastic album art that’s come out in the last three months.

Here are 10 that caught my eye:

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I’ve got my best albums of 2012 ready for Friday, but I have to be honest that I always enjoy putting together my best songs lists.  You might not sit down and listen to your ten or twenty favorite albums at once, but you can relieve the year through single songs in a couple of hours.

My best of ____ mixes (and those throwback one’s made by Dan) are some of my favorite mixes of all time.  If you’re not already making best of ____ mixes, you need to start. Today.  The only rules? One song per artist, and the song was released in some fashion (album, EP, 7″, mp3) in 2012.

In the meantime, check out the list of my favorite songs of the year.  Jams, every single one of them.
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It’s list time again folks! And Laura says I can write some lists too!! So here are some lists of some random things – books, records, songs, etc. It’s long but I hope you enjoy it some… either way, it’s the end of the year wrap up!!

Since I write the throwback Thursday section sometimes I get to be the resident cranky person. I love it since I can often be found shaking my fist at baggy pants wearing teenagers who have the gall to walk on my lawn!

Anyway, here is a list of things that are dumb and/or irritating to me right now. They aren’t in any real order except number 1 is probably in the right spot… I would say that this is for the whole 2012 but I can’t remember all the way back an entire year!

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Best of 2012 continued.  Fave covers are up, and top tracks and albums will be posted this week.

Keeping the albums separate from the EPs again this year, because how can you judge a 5 song EP to 17 song album?

And let me say, for the millionth time, more EPs please!  Perfect introduction to a new band, perfect release that keeps me happy between full-lengths from a favorite band.  So thank you to these bands/artists for indulging my craze by putting out some excellent EPs.

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Kicking off “Best of 2012″ week a little early with my top five cover songs from this year.  Next week, I’ll post my favorite EPs, songs, and albums, along with some of Dan’s favorites (and least favorites) of the year.

As I’ve ranted about before, covers can be a tricky thing, particularly if you’re a fan of the original song.  Too close to the original, and its karaoke.  Too far from the original, and it’s blasphemy. Here are a few I thought hit that sweet spot. Read More

I’ve finally completed my favorite “best of” list – the songs.  As much as I enjoy creating (and reading) best album lists, the truth is that I’ll probably never go back and listen to all 30 of my favorite albums from 2011 in succession.

However, I will go back and listen to my “best of” mix – aka my favorite tracks of 2011.  It’s a musical time capsule.  You can return to your past best of mixes and get a sense where you were musically, personally, emotionally.

Unlike my other “best of” lists, they’re not ranked in order.  Rather, they’re arranged in a way that I think works as a complete playlist.  If you want to hear it, you can check it out here on Spotify.

Tracklisting after the jump.

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