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Arcade Fire played SNL last night – performing “Reflektor” and “Afterlife” – but they weren’t content to leave it there.  Instead, they played for 30 minute after the show finished, debuting more new music from their upcoming album.

Not completely out of character for the band, the video is pretty surreal throughout. Directed by Roman Coppola, it has appearances from a ton of celebrities – everyone from James Franco (who is pretty much in everything these days) to Bono (who I wish showed up a lot less).

The video begins with “Here Comes The Night Time”, then moves onto two other songs (probably “We Exist” and “Normal Person”, though I haven’t seen confirmation of that yet):

Watch for: Michael Cera wearing a shiny jacket that goes perfectly with his weird pseudo-mustache.

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    Arcade Fire in a quality new video showcasing some of their new material. Keep an eye out for the celebrity cameos.


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