watch: “break it to you gently” – camera obscura

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I’d admit that haven’t been paying enough attention to Camera Obscura‘s new album Desire Lines that was released back in June.  I’ve been digging on a more electronic sound lately, and their sweet pop just wasn’t hitting my ears the right way.

Then I got to see a fantastic performance from Belle & Sebastian last month, and it’s got me desiring some more twee in my life.

And what better band  to fill that void than Camera Obscura?  Their video for the album track “Break It To You Gently” is everything that I’m looking for.  It’s about a shopping cart that leaves home, falls in love, and gets into all sorts of adventures.

Yes, a shopping cart – but by the time it’s getting roughed up, you’ll be cringing like it was happening to an actual person:

Watch for: the ending to find out of the shopping cart finds a happy home.

  1. “Desire lines” is yet another great Camera Obscura record. I saw both Camera Obscura and Belle & Sebastian live earlier this summer. It was my first time seeing B&S and was completely blown away. Both are great bands. Scotland should be proud.

    • Must be something good going on in Scotland to keep producing this fantastic twee music. Kind of like what Sweden has with electro/dream pop.

      • Sweden’s not too shabby with the throwback folk either… thinking First Aid Kit and The Tallest Man on Earth… But yeah, dream pop. I can’t wait for I Break Horses’ sophomore release.

        • So basically we should all move to Northern Europe and live in a musical heaven.


          • Doesn’t sound too bad to me. :)


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