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You know, I always feel a little bit guilty when I’m jamming to some great new music, but I haven’t gotten the chance to post about it on here.

So, to clear my conscience, I need to be telling you about Stockholm-based Postiljonen.  Based on their location alone, you should be intrigued, because we all know that Sweden has something in the water that creates fantastic pop music.

Postiljonen is fairly new to the game, with the trio having gotten together in 2011 and they’ve been steadily building a name for themselves by releasing music on their Tumblr.

Now, the band has a full-length album, Skyer, coming out on July 5th via Best Fit Recordings/Hybris. Take a listen to the gorgeous album track, “On The Run”:

The band’s name translates to “The Postman” in English, but I think we can all agree that Postiljonen sounds a bit more fitting.

If you’re looking for something that’s a little more uptempo, check out “Supreme”:

And if you really want to dig into the Scandanavian vibe, watch the video for “How Will I Know/ All That We Had Is Lost,” which features some breathtaking visuals (and as an added bonus, will make you remember how much you love the Whitney Houston classic).

[via LB4YB]

  1. maha said:

    Great founding.

  2. so stoked about these guys


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