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little boots

So SXSW (at least the part that matters) is just about a week away, and like many of you, I’m starting to pull my schedule together and get ready for a mini-marathon of day drinking.

As all of y’all from the colder parts of our nation dig out your short-sleeve shirts and cowboy boots for the trek to Austin, the weather is getting ready for you.  Today was perfect SXSW weather – sunny, not to hot but not to cold. Beautiful.

Anytime the weather’s like this is begins to remind me of SXSWs-past, and all the fantastic acts I’ve gotten a chance to see there.

One of them is Victoria Christina Hesketh, aka UK electropop act Little Boots.  I saw her at a packed day party back inside the old Emos back in 2009 and it was the best dance party I’ve ever been to at 2pm.

Now Little Boots is back with a new album, Nocturnes, coming out in May 5 via On Repeat. Check out “Motorways” off the upcoming album, then grab a free download via her website:

Listen for: the slow build at 3:18 – “we won’t look back / so don’t look back”

You can also check out the minimalist video for the track below:

  1. I didn’t want to like this but it’s actually pretty good you bastards!

    • that’s the goal – making people like things they hate.


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