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This post combines two things I’ve been crushing on pretty hard lately: indie virtuoso Kishi Bashi and record label Joyful Noise.  Joyful Noise has been putting out all sorts of alternative media goodness, from the Deerhoof flexi-book to a plethora of cassette recordings.

Now, they’re releasing a 7″ box set from Kishi Bashi – available April 2nd – featuring 3 A-sides from 2012’s 151a along with covers of Beruit, ELO, and Talking Heads on the B-sides.

And because it’s Joyful Noise, they’re keeping an eye out for the aesthetics.  Each record features two-color vinyl in a limited-edition wooden frame box set.  Each 7″ has it’s own album art, which forms “a complete triptych landscape image when all three are placed side by side.” Oh, and they’re all personally signed by Kishi Bashi.

That kind of quality don’t come cheap, but I’d argue it’s well worth the $45 just for the design alone.  If you can’t justify it, though, you can also grab the individual 7″s for $7.  That’s the kind of symmetry I can get down with.

Wondering what a Kishi Bashi take on Beruit sounds like?  I got you covered right here.  Not suprisingly, it’s absolutely gorgeous, with rich vocals and moving strings:

Listen for:  the plucked string section at 3:03.

My man Dante from All Around Sound also clued me into a new track from Kishi Bashi called “Philosophize in it! Chemicalize with it!.”  Yes, I am a little worried he’s going to Fiona Apple route in terms of title length, but I’ll give him a pass as long as he keeps making music this fantastic.

Right now, the track’s only available in Japan, but you can here it hear while catching a glimpse of Kishi Bashi’s 2012 Japanese tour:


kishi bashi on 70/day/wknd:

new sound: kishi bashi
listen: christmas x kishi bashi

  1. I love Kishi Bashi and Beruit, so this is an absolute gem. Thank you for sharing!

    • You know it’s gonna be beautiful when those two pair up, right?

      • Most certainly–I would never have fathomed them working together, but it was a great choice. I’m seeing Kishi Bashi in a few weeks and so looking forward to that show. It’s amazing how much incredible music of out right now, most of which is completely overlooked.

        • Have you gotten a chance to see him live before? With the live looping, it’s a totally different experience (in a good way).

          • This will be my first time, but I’ve seen footage on youtube. Luckily, the Phoenix music scene is getting a little better and good bands are actually starting to come lol.


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