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You guys? I’m excited about this one.

While Dan of Throwback Thursday fame is hanging out in Houston catching Jeff Mangum’s set, my plan was to hang out, paint my nails, and watch some weird movies.  Did an ombre teal thing on the nails and watched “Butter,” a comedy about butter sculpting with Jennifer Garner, Kristen Schaal, and Ty Burrell among many others.  All in all, a banner night.

But then, I remember I had a new band to check out: The History of Apple Pie.  And I’m digging the sound enough that I’m not even mopey about missing the chance to hear “Holland, 1945.”

This band is so up my alley that I don’t know how I haven’t come across them before.  Think 60s girl-group vocals laid atop fuzzy 90s shoegaze guitar.  In a word? Beautiful.

The five-piece originated in London and they’re releasing their debut full-length, Out of View, January 29th via Marshall Teller.  Take a listen to album track “See You”:

God, that sprinkles-covered album art just makes me love them more.  If you’re like me, you already checked out their tour dates to see if they’re were coming to your town.  Unless you live in the UK, that’s a no go. No SXSW showcase either. (TRAVESTY).

But I do have a piece of good news: you can stream the whole album over at CLASH.  You can also grab the mp3 of album track “Glitch” below:

I can’t be the only ones digging these guys, because literally everything on their merch site, from 7″s to t-shirts is sold out. Even those XXL t-shirts that nobody ever sells.

If you need some audio with your visual, watch the band rocking out to “Mallory”:

Okay, now that you’re thoroughly infatuated, go grab that pre-order and keep your fingers crossed for some U.S. tour dates in the very near future.

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  1. Haven’t listened yet but you’re the first blogger I feel like following. Like your sensibility, your site title and your offerings! Thanks : )

  2. dlee said:

    I heard one of the new songs a while back, and I got really excited about it. Although I’ve been on a serious pre-order physical copy kick (two new discs arrived today!), I couldn’t bring myself to order a physical copy of this. No distro in the US, and the shipping was going to make it more than I’m willing to spend. Digital copy, here I come!
    If you haven’t already, check out Parakeet. Members of THOAP and Yuck.

    Also, “Holland 1945″ is maybe my second favorite Neutral Milk Hotel song. I wrote all about it on New Year’s Eve.

    • thanks for the tip – that band sounds like it hits my sweet spot.


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