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guards ready to go

Maybe it’s just the current state of indie commercialism  but I keep hearing tracks that seem ready made for a slew of upbeat ad campaigns, and the new one from Guards, seems to fit the bill.  I’m thinking a quirky car commercial, where a slightly-hip family piles into their brightly painted economy car and drives around the country, montage-style.

“Ready To Go” is off Guards’ forthcoming debut album In Guards We Trust, which will be out February 5th via Black Bell Records.  It’s got one has a bit more of an anthemic feel than some of the other tracks we’ve heard from the album, “Silver Lining” and “Coming True.”

Take a listen, and let me know what ad campaign you think it’s perfect for – then remind Guards to send me at least 25% of their check from that deal:

Listen for: the guitars coming in at 0:07 and brightening up the whole track.

  1. This song has Cymbalta written all over it. I’m seeing happy people running through green fields to a moutain studded horzon. Their arms are spread and they have unnaturally large smiles on their faces. Thanks for the post. It cheered me up this morning.

    • Oh man, they’ll never get the Cymbalta ad $$ if the song itself cheers you up. Then you have no need for prescription RX! Glad you liked the track.


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