listen: “crazy things” – lorine chia


Alright y’all.  Holidays are over and it’s time to get to work.  I know some of you probably worked last week, and few lucky students might have another week of vacation, but there’s probably a bunch of you heading back to work this morning.

And that sucks, right? The best way I know to cushion the blow is some fantastic new music.  And that is the gift I’m bringing to you today.  This one comes courtesy of disco naïveté‘s Sounds of 2013: The Girls. (And can I just take a minute to thank a dude for always keeping an eye out for the talented ladies in music as well? Much needed.)

Lorine Chia is a Cameroon-born singer that makes some classic and catchy R&B.  Towards the end of last year she released an 11-track mixtape that you can grab for free over at her site.  If you were feeling the end of year music lull like I was, it’s just the thing to pull you out of it.

Check out “Crazy Things,” a fantastic break-up track:

Listen for: the chorus coming in at 0:30.

While you’re at it, check out the video for “Crazy Things”:


    • Did you grab the mixtape? It’s on repeat for me today.

      • NO I TOTALLY MISSED IT!!! I have to come back and LOOK!!!!


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