watch: “hold off the dawn” – el perro del mar

Screen Shot 2012-12-12 at 9.45.03 PMSince it’s “Best of” list time*, it’s also time to talk about albums/bands you think got overlooked this year.  And one I think people have been sleeping on?  Pale Fire, the latest from Sweden’s Sarah Assbring aka El Perro Del Mar.

[* Next week, I’m gonna get my life and my best of 2012 lists together. Promise.]

If you haven’t heard her latest, here’s a chance to remedy that by checking out her video for “Hold Of The Dawn.”  The video was shot in a dimly lit Stockholm studio, which feels like the perfect setting for keeping the sunlight out.

Watch for: how the only thing stopping Sarah from starting a full-on dance party at 2:55 is that she has to keep singing. But, really, all she wants to do is dance.

Pale Fire is out now via The Control Group. El Perro Del Mar is playing a show tonight at Korjaamo in Helsinki, if you happen to be in the neighborhood.

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