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Not only is our Throwback Thursday friend Dan good for epic posts connecting Modest Mouse with the ecojustice movement, but he’s also a great source of music recommendations.  Today he hipped me to this band, via Afropunk.

New York’s Wishes and Thieves has a dreamy yet epic vibe that feels like it shouldn’t work, but somehow does.  Afropunk says, “This is music for rainy afternoons but also dance parties.”  Again, doesn’t make sense, but tell me they’re wrong after listening to “Forest Fire,” the title track off their 2012 EP:

Frontwoman Jolanda Porter catches your eyes and ears immediately with her powerful vocals and captivating performance.  But don’t sleep on the instrumentals, either.  The driving percussion in particular keeps that track on repeat.

Wishes and Thieves has been making music for a little bit, putting out two EPs in the last two years.  And I will this as a soapbox to tell all developing bands to try out the EP route.  Rather than trying to fill up a full album, you can pick your best tracks and leave music fans like me wanting more.

Which is exactly how I’m feeling about this band right now –  begging for a full-length, which should be coming out sometime soon.  Check out another one from that same LP, “Let You In”:

Forest Fire is out now on iTunes and Amazon. Vinyl fans can also grab a 7″ featuring “Forest Fire” b/w “Starry Eyed.”

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