listen: “borrowed time” – parquet courts

parquet courts

It’s “Best Albums of 2012″ list time* and I swear, those lists are my best source of music discovery.  If I see a band I haven’t heard of on enough lists, there’s an 87% chance that I’ll dig it.  Class Actress and the xx are just a  few bands I discovered this way.  (Yeah, I don’t know why I was so late on the xx thing, either.).  

This band, Parquet Courts, has been popping up on some early lists I’ve seen, and, as usual, I’m glad I took the time to check them out.  Though the band just released their debut LP, Light Up Goldthis year, you might know band member Andrew Savage from Denton’s Fergus & Geronimo

“Borrowed Time” is a track off that debut LP and it’s got a straight up garage rock sound mixed with a little bit of punk, not unlike the Thick Shakes track I posted about on Monday.  Give it a listen or download it below:

Listen for: the number of false endings you hear.

* By the way, I will be putting out some Best of 2012 lists, probably an album list and a songs list.  Maybe an EP list too if I get ambitious.  If you’ve already written your list, let me know. I’d love to check it out and steal some inspiration.

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