listen: “i said so” – thick shakes

thick shakes

I’ve been thinking lately about how folks’ music taste change over time.  And I’m not talking about how you used to love the Backstreet Boys and/or Limp Bizkit when you were a kid (and how you’d never admit that to anyone now).  I’m talking about how your grown-up music tastes can shift from one genre to another over your lifespan.

In many ways, music blogs, at least those run predominately by one person, become an artifact of that change.  I remember when Gorilla vs. Bear used to post a lot more standard indie rock, but now it’s moved into more electro and hip-hop.

And I can track my own shifts in my music taste through what I post.  I used to listen almost exclusively to indie pop and retro garage rock.  And lately? I’ve been posting a lot more electro/dance stuff. Does that mean I’m not feeling the garage rock anymore?

I was starting to feel that way until I came across this song from Boston’s Thick Shakes, with thanks to We Listen For You for making me aware of it. The music makes me want to get up and thrash around for the next few minutes:

Listen for: the guitar, drums, and vocals combining in a way that demands you move your body.

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  1. dubtran said:

    Hey, thanks for the new jam. Really appreciate how there’s a download link.

    Also, just wanted to comment on how I don’t think we gotta be changing our music taste. I’m a firm believer of variety. :) You can still into indie, while only predominately listening to electro at the time. hehe – Cause, like you, I’m very much in the depths of electronic. But whenever my iPod surprises me with an underground hip-hop song, I’m just as satisfied. If not a tad bit more.

    Btw, really digging your blog. :D


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