listen: “what that was” – majical cloudz

The first time I came across Montreal-based Devon Walsh aka Majical Cloudz was when he collaborated with Grimes on the track “Nightmusic” off her 2012 album Visions.  And when I posted that video for you back in May,  I made a point to mention how much I hated the name/spelling of Majical Cloudz.

So, more than six months later, the name still grates on me – must be the former second grade teacher in me.  But I’m going to have to get over that pretty soon, because I’m completely taken by his song “What That Was,” from his EP Turns Turns Turns due out December 3 via Merok.

When you hit play, resist the urge to adjust your speakers.  When Devon’s voice comes on after a few seconds, the wait will have been worth it:

Listen for: the simple joy emanating from Devon’s voice at 0:47.

If you want to hear more, check out the video for the EP’s title track, directed by Jason Harvey:


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