watch: “feels like we only go backwards” – tame impala

I don’t know if Tame Impala intended to make the aural equivalent of an acid trip with their latest album, Lonerism, or if the record just ended up that way.

Either way, they’re sticking with the theme on their latest video for the song, “Feels Like We Only Go Backwards.” The crazy thing is, given the trippiness of their video/visualizer for “Elephant,” I’m not even sure  this is even the most psychedelic video they’ve made this year.  Whether you are impressed of horrified probably depends on whether you are the mother of a teenager listening to Tame Impala.

Decide which side of the moral you want to land on by watching the video below, then grab Lonerism on vinyl via Modular.

Watch for: eyeballs that will haunt your dreams at 2.37.

Youtube no good? Grab something from your own supply and listen to the track below:


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