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Sometimes, you don’t need a video with a complicated storyline or a celebrity cameo.  Sometimes, you don’t want to rack your brain trying to understand the symbolism behind your favorite artists latest epic.  Sometimes, you just want to watch something pretty while you listen to the song.

And that is why I think this new video from The Antlers for their song, “Drift Dive,” in which you can imagine yourself falling deeper and deeper into the water.  The video came out just one day after Sandy hit New York, and the band had this to say:

Considering all that’s just happened in NYC, today is a strange day to debut our new video, but it feels oddly appropriate too.  James Case-Leal created this beautiful piece to accompany ‘Drift Dive’. We hope it provides you with some comfort in the face of all this devastation. We love you, New York.

The track comes from their latest EP, Undersea, which is out now via Anti- Records.  Check out the video below:

Watch for: the school of fish doing their thing at 2:25.

If you prefer your audio sans video, you can stream the song below:

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