listen: “hold off the dawn” – el perro del mar

We’ve already gotten a taste of El Perro Del Mar‘s upcoming LP, Pale Fire, with the single “Walk On By”.  That LP will be out November 13th via The Control Group, but you can hear the a new track from the Swedish singer, titled “Hold Off The Dawn.”

About the track, single Sarah Assbring tells NPR

You know the feeling when you’re with the one you love? When you wished you had the power to stop time? Stay wrapped in those arms — safe from the bleakness of the presence and the uncertainty of future? ‘Hold Off The Dawn’ is about that.

Listen to the song below, or grab the mp3 via Austin Town Hall:

Lyric to Consider: “No need to talk about the future baby / We don’t need to talk about that”

  1. This is a good song, man! Thanks for posting.

    • Glad you liked it as much as I did! Looking forward to hearing the full album. – Laura


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