mixtape: memory tapes x halloween

Though most of you probably celebrated this weekend, there’s still one more shopping day until Halloween.  What’s your costume?

My costume is nonexistent   That’s either because I (a) hate fun, (b) am over the age of 13, or (c) am just too lazy.  Still deciding what the right answer to that test question is.  In the meantime, I’ve been digging on all the Halloween music around the blogosphere.

70DW will have some Halloween favorites tomorrow, but in the meantime, check out one of late contender in that category. Memory Tapes has released his second spooky mixtape, this one entitled “Walk With Me 2.” [I'll give you two guesses what the first one was called.]

Stream it below, or grab a free (and legal) download here:


If you like what you hear, you can also stream/download Memory Tape’s original 2009 “Walk Me Home”, via Gorilla vs. Bear. Memory Tapes will be releasing a new album, Grace/Confusion, on December 4th via Carpark.  Check out the lead single, “Sheila,” below and pre-order the album at Insound.

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