listen: “silver lining” – guards

Do you have any bands that you’ve been patiently waiting for to release a full album?  And the wait seems interminable?

Guards have been that band for me for a couple years now.  While they were releasing tracks here and there, along with an EP and a 7″, I kept wishing and hoping for a full-length.  Well, it seems the stars have aligned for me.

Guards will be releasing their debut LP In Guards We Trust on February 5th via Black Bell Records.  (Yes, 2013. Does that sound like the FUTURE to anyone else?)

Hear the first song of the forthcoming album below, then grab it as a free download while you wait for February.

Fun fact to impress your friends: Band member Richie Follin is the brother of Cults frontwoman Madeline Follin.  I’m also fairly sure he’s sick of that fact being mentioned in every article about the band.

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