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Do you have any bands that you’ve been patiently waiting for to release a full album?  And the wait seems interminable?

Guards have been that band for me for a couple years now.  While they were releasing tracks here and there, along with an EP and a 7″, I kept wishing and hoping for a full-length.  Well, it seems the stars have aligned for me.

Guards will be releasing their debut LP In Guards We Trust on February 5th via Black Bell Records.  (Yes, 2013. Does that sound like the FUTURE to anyone else?)

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Here’s Dum Dum Girls latest video for the track “Lord Knows” of their End of Daze EP, released via Sub Pop.  The Christin Turner-directed clip features a blonde-haired Dee Dee leading the rest of the band in a mystical ritual.

I also think it’s pretty badass that the video premiered on ROOKIE, the fashion/lifestyle/culture site run by wunderkind Tavi Gevinson.  Unlike fellow wunderkind Ryan Howard, though, Tavi seems cool – like the 16-year-old you pretend you were.

Check out the video below:

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In her latest video, Charli XCX brings together the perfect mix of glitter and goth she’s known for.   The Ryan Andrews-directed clip features sparkles, grainy footage, and Disney princesses.

Yes, Disney princesses.  Which is a pretty awesome inclusion considering this is a song is about the breakup of a relationship – i.e., not a happy ending those princesse made all of us pine for.  But rather than consider these implications, I spent most of the video wondering how they did the editing to make it look like the princesses were singing Charli’s lyrics.
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The bad news: you could have been listening to this Woods track for over a month.

The good news: you don’t have to wait around for the album to be released!

See, my better late than never posts always have an upside.  Today’s track comes from Woods’ latest album Bend Beyond, which was released earlier this week on Woodsist.

And yes, before you spend the rest of the morning wondering about it, Woodsist was founded by Woods frontman Jeremy Earl.  The label, founded in 2006, has put out music from The Babies, White Fence, and The Fresh & Onlys, among others.  Read More

Some days, I’m feeling a song so much that I can barely stop listening long enough to blog about it.  That’s what happened today with this track from Glasgow’s CHVRCHES.

This beautiful bit of synthpop, “The Mother We Share,” is CHVURCHES debut release, which will be out later this fall via National Anthem.

It’s one of those songs that catches you after only a couple listens and sticks with you for the rest of the afternoon.  The comparisons to Purity Ring are apt, with the female vocals and heavy production. It’s not a copycat – CHVRCHES has its own thing going on. But you just might keep it on repeat the way you’ve been spinning Purity Ring’s Shrines.

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Yes, I’m posting two Bat For Lashes songs in a row.  But don’t blame me.  Blame her PR/record label for releasing two songs in less than a week.

Or don’t blame anyone.  Because they’re both great songs and you get to listen to them.

Unlike “Marilyn” that you heard yesterday, “All Your Gold” is a more upbeat track.  It’s one you might hear from the middle of the dance floor, while “Marilyn” is the melancholy track you hear headed home from the bar later that night. Read More

Continuing with her naming trend, Bat For Lashes has released another song from her upcoming album The Haunted Man. Predictably, I like it less that the last one, but I bet there’s a lot of “Marilyns” out there who are digging it.


Despite the fact that it is NOT named after me, it’s still a terrific song.  The vocals, as usual, are drop dead gorgeous and they build and release tension throughout the track.

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Alright, you guys – it’s Friday and I feel like it’s time for some baby-making music.  But this might not be the kind of baby-making music you’re used to.

TRAILS AND WAYS – the Oakland-based group that brought you “Mtn Tune” earlier this summer – has a new song, and this one’s a cover of Miguel’s R&B slow-jam “Sure Thing.”

Not intriguing enough?  The band redid the verses with what they’re calling “marxist romance lyrics.”  Yeah, now you wanna click play.

Fair warning: I’ve already played this for a few friends and they were singing it all night.  It’s got a groove that’ll stick with you.

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