new sound: the orwells

“We first self-released Remember When in October. It was big in our high school for two weeks, and then it died out.”

As a music fan that’s long past high school, it’s hard to read a quote like that and not try to reduce the band in question with a series of “Aww!  How cute! They’re the li’l-est punk rockers!”

But when you hear The Orwells, a band comprised of teenagers from the suburbs of Chicago, you realize that these dudes are not playing around.  While you were trying on prom dresses and souping all night, these dudes put together a gritty garage rock sound that got them noticed by Aquarium Drunkard‘s label Autumn Tone.

Autumn Tone has since re-released Remember When, allowing the sound to reach a wider audience, and in the process, become one of the most enjoyable releases of 2012.

My favorite track off the album so far is “Mallrats (La La La)”.  The video for the song features the band taking that title literally, hanging out in front of the Rainforest Cafe and grabbing as many tickets as they can from the arcade.


If you didn’t find yourself fighting the urge to start screaming “la la la la la la” by the end of that song, then I just don’t know.  [Note: as I write this with the song playing in the background, Dan (of Throwback Thursday fame) is whistling the chorus.  It’s infectious.]

The entire record doesn’t go at the breakneck pace of “Mallrats”, but it all shares that sense of recklessness and hope that is forever tied to youth.  Even if you don’t feel that young, a part of you will always relate to a lyric like, “We got this fear of aging / We’re living in a daydream / I know when something’s changing.”

You can grab two more songs from the album below, via Aquarium Drunkard:

The Orwells – In My Bed (mp3)

The Orwells – Under the Flowers (mp3)

And now that you’ve fallen in lover, go pick up a copy of the LP, because this is a record you’ll want to be spinning again and again.

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