listen: “green sea (beta frontiers remix)” – fear of men

The way I feel about remixes is the way other people feel about cover songs.  If I didn’t like the song to begin with, it’s unlikely a remix is going to change my mind.  And if I already liked the song, chances are the remix just made the song worse.

But every so often a remix comes along that (a) sound substantially different than the original, and (b) doesn’t suck.

Today’s example of that is the Beta Frontiers remix of Fear of Men‘s “Green Sea”.   The original is a wonderfully hazy piece of dream pop.  The remix trades the guitar for an electro beat, moving this track from the poolside to the dance floor.

The track has already reached its download limit on Soundcloud, but you can purchase the track for a dollar at their Bandcamp or just stream it below:

Listen for: the jamming bassline at 1:54.

Fear of Men on 70dayweekend:

new sound: fear of men
watch: “green sea” – fear of men

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