watch: “anything could happen” – ellie goulding

Instagram is pretty controversial these days.  The simple phone app is the subject of a lot of love and a lot of hate these days.

For the record, I am #TeamInstagram.  Yes, even the pictures of your ordinary looking brunch, or the 1,000th photo of your cat.  I want to see them all.

And that’s probably part of the reason why I love the new video from UK singer Ellie Goulding for her song “Anything Could Happen”.   The lyric video was created from hundreds of user-submitted ‘grams, resulting in what I think is a pretty awesome video.  (Of course, if you’re an Instagram hater, this is probably your worst nightmare.)

The song itself is fantastic as well.  It’s got the feel of a completely epic song – like the best of Zola Jesus with less of a goth feel.  It’s also got some epic lyrics that are destined to find their way to Facebook status updates, like this one: “Baby / I’ll give you everything you need / But I don’t think I need you.”

Listen for: Goulding singing “I know it’s gonna be” over and over with only a drum beat behind her, until the whole things breaks into a synth-laden jam at 3:07.

“Anything Could Happen” is the lead single from Goulding’s sophomore LP, Halcyon, which will be released in the U.S on October 9th via Cherrytree Records/Interscope.


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