listen: “chained” – the xx

Looks like we’re seeing an evolution of using YouTube to premiere new music.  For a while, bands were just posting a static image on YouTube along with a new track.

But lately, bands have been including moving images with the audio.  Case in point: Tame Impala’s track “Elephant,” that I wrote about yesterday.

Exhibit B: “Chained,” the second track from the xx’s upcoming album Coexist.   The song, released yesterday on YouTube, features a psychadelic rippling image to accompany the audio.

The whole thing reminds me of that “visualizer” feature on Windows Media Player that dudes in your high school would look at while getting high.  Yeah, I’m not feeling it.

But I am feeling this new song.  Unlike the first song we heard off the album, “Angels,” this one features vocals from Oliver Sim, as well as Romy Madley-Croft.  Their delicate interplay is part of what made the debut album so fantastic it, and it works wonders on this track as well.  Take a listen below, and pretend to be high while watching the video, if you’d like:

Listen for: the drum beat that comes in at 0:22.  What initially feels off-tempo, almost an intrusion, quickly integrates into the fabric of the song.

Coexist, will be released September 11th via Young Turks.  The xx are on a North American & European tour now through October, and you can check those dates here.

the xx on 70dayweekend:

listen: “angels” – the xx
watch: “angels” – the xx

  1. OMG the Windows Media Player visualizer. That thing was torture. Sometimes it seemed like the sounds and images weren’t related at all, which only made me want to watch more. I was like the sailboat guy from Mallrats. Ugh.

    Love your description of the introduction of the beat. So much cleverness is hidden in their simplicity.

    • I think that’s why I find I can listen to the xx on repeat – there’s a lot of layers.


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