better late than never: “elephant” – tame impala

Okay, so the better late than never tag may be a bit exaggerated here, considering this song from Australian psych-rock group Tame Impala was only posted two weeks ago.  But since it feels like the entire internet has already posted this track, I feel a little late to the game.

The song comes from their upcoming album Lonerism, which will be released in the U.S. on October 9th via Modular.

Now, normally I’d complain YouTube stream, mainly in solidarity with those folks that can’t access the site at work.  There’s nothing worse than excitedly clicking a link, expecting to hear a new track, but instead finding out that your listening pleasure will be blocked until 5 PM.

But in this case, the psychedelic moving background adds to the atmosphere.   If that mean you have to wait a few hours to hear it, I’m sorry.  But I think you’ll find the wait is worth it.


Listen for: the thumping bassline that makes you feel like you’re standing a foot away from the speakers at a Sleigh Bells concert.

  1. threezie said:

    I like the art work a lot! I wonder if rap covers can start doing the same in terms of their art work?…have illusive pictures like this to communicate the mass message of all the words spoke on tracks so beautifully.

    • I think the artwork definitely works for that track, since it has a psychedelic feel already. Not sure how it would work for other types of images, though. Interesting to see how/if this type of artwork develops.

  2. mleemarie said:

    it sounds like this band is moving in a good direction. i was hoping they would mature a bit. i really liked their first album but there was an immaturity to it that bothered me…


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