listen: “boy of nine” – buxton

“I like all kinds of music, except classical.”

“I listen to everything but country.”

“My music tastes are really eclectic.  I’m into to everything but hip-hop.”

Can we all agree that people that say these things are not actual music fans?

Okay, okay, I probably said one or more of those things when I was in high school.  But thankfully, I outgrew that when I stopped needing my mom to pick me up from the mall.

My loyal 70DW readers (hey friend!) know that my tastes tend towards poppy electro or fuzzy indie rock.  But the reality is this: there is amazing music coming from all genres out there.

Case in point: the fantastic sound being created by Houston’s Buxton.  They’ve definitely earned an alt-country tag with their banjo and twangy vocals, but their influences are a bit more complex than that, with bits of rock and folk creeping in as well.

Take a listen to “Boy of Nine” off their 2012 album Nothing Here Seems Strange, and grab the mp3 if you dig it as much as I do:


Listen for: the all-band vocals that just beg for a crowd sing-along

Buxton’s Nothing Here Seems Strange is out now on New West Records.  You can hear more from Buxton on their fantastic Daytrotter session and catch them on tour this fall.

  1. I listen to everything including country, classical… Ok, maybe not a lot of hip hop. Love your blog.

    • Thanks! Don’t get me wrong – there’s definitely genres that I should be paying more attention to. But I can’t stand the total rejection of whole genres you hear from people sometimes. Also, this song’s a jam.

  2. I am guilty of said accounts above, but that was way before. I’ve managed to overcome being such a music hag and open my arms out to the aural pleasures every genre can bring. And yes, I like this one a whole lot. Keep them coming?


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