watch: “angels” – the xx

It’s been a little more than a week since we got our first taste of the xx‘s second album, Coexist, with the track “Angels.”

As I’ve gotten to hear the track a little bit more, I’d have to say I’m getting pretty pumped to hear the whole thing.  Though the new song retains so much of what made the debut great, it  also seems to be a step forward musically for the group.  In particular, this song seems to have more emotional intensity than their earlier work.

How’s the track growing on you?  More or less excited for the album?  Here’s a perfect opportunity to form your second opinion.  The group performed “Angels” on Conan last night, and you can watch it below:


Watch for: the perfectly restrained use of percussion at 1:34

Coexist, will be released September 11th via Young Turks.  The xx are on a North American & European tour now through October, and you can check those dates here.

the xx on 70dayweekend:

listen: “angels” – the xx

  1. I love it! And this coming from me not caring about their first album (unthinkable, I know!)

    • you didn’t like their first album, and you’re daring to comment on this blog?! ( <3 )

      glad to hear you like this song – i feel like it confirms my idea that it's a step forward from their debut

      • haha, it’s definitely a step-forward for them!
        btw, here’s a partial list of recent critically adored records I didn’t care about – XX (XX), Girls (both albums), Grizzly Bear (Veckatimest)

        • i felt ‘meh’ about grizzly bear and ‘ugh’ about the second girls album, so i feel you.


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