listen: “laura” – bat for lashes

Bat For Lashes recently released “Laura”, first track off her forthcoming album The Haunted Man.  When Pitchfork writer Laura Snapes, tweeted about her review, she mentioned that it received Best New Track, but “not just because it has my name as the title.”

As another music lover named Laura, I want to assure all of you that I am also not posting this because the song title shares my name.

At least, that’s not the only reason I’m posting it.

I’m also posting it because it’s an absolutely gorgeous song.  But it doesn’t hurt that the chorus features Bat For Lashes’s Natasha Khan singing “Oh Laura / you’re more than a superstar.”

A closer look at the lyrics, though, indicates that Laura is a more tragic figure than that line might indicate.  Take a listen to the whole song below, via Soundcloud:

Lyric to Consider: “When you smile is so wide / And your heels are so high / You can’t cry / Put your glad rags on / And let’s sing along / To that lonely song ”

The Haunted Man, which will be released October 16th via EMI, which is available for pre-order here.  You can also watch a video for Laura here, or check out her fall European tour dates here.

  1. This is such a STUNNING track. I love Natasha Khan. It seems that her sound just keeps getting grander and grander. I remember seeing the video for What’s a Girl To Do 5 years ago and thinking she’s going to be a superstar.

    • Stunning is absolutely the right word.

  2. mleemarie said:

    glad i waited for the chorus. reminds me of a tim finn song.

    • yeah, the chorus is where this song really brings it.


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