better late than never: “i’ll be alright” – passion pit

When Passion Pit released their debut EP Chunk of Change, I loved it as a fun electropop record with some sweet love songs.  I danced to it, but I didn’t really pay much attention to it.  Their first full-length, Manners, was much of the same.  I heard good beats, but not a lot of substance.

And when they started releasing music from their second full-length album Gossamer, I honestly wasn’t even paying attention.  The novelty of the synth beats and falsetto had worn off for me.

But then I read Larry Fitzmaurice’s interview/feature with frontman Michael Angelakos, which delves into Angelakos’ struggles with bipolar disorder.  And it gave me a totally new lens with which to listen to Passion Pit, and – for the first time – to actually pay attention to the lyrics.

There’s a lot more emotional depth than I was giving them credit for.  If you’ve been unfairly dismissing them like I have, take a listen to “I’ll Be Alright,” the second track off the upcoming album:


Lyric to (Re)consider: “Well I’ve made so many messes / And this love has grown so restless / Your whole life’s been nothing but this”

Gossamer will be released on July 23rd via Columbia, but it’s currently streaming over at NPR.  The band also released a music video for the song yesterday, which you can watch below.

  1. …so glad this track is good and heard “Carried Away” and liked it too. I was not impressed with the first single “I Talk A Walk” and was really worried they might be losing it. But perhaps that judgment was premature.

    • Well, I don’t think the music has evolved much, and in fact I’m not sure I like it was much as that first EP. But taking a second look at the lyrics, along with the context provided by the interview, shows me that I’d underestimated the depth. This is more than just dance/pop music, and to me, that makes it much more interesting to spend time listening to.

    • I agree, the first single, “I Take A Walk” was disappointing. But after listening to entire LP on NPR, I must admit a few tracks really stood out. I especially liked, “Constant Conversations” just because I’m a romantic mofo. Hey, what can I say?

  2. Absolutely great review! In a word. Insightful. Peace.

  3. Constant Conversations is my very favorite. It’s quietly gorgeous in its own way.

    ~J @ Music Notes


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