listen: “landlady” – young mammals

There are basically two musical ways to my heart: danceable electro-pop and fuzzed-out guitar rock. Houston, TX four-piece Young Mammals takes the second route, and they’ve recently released a 7″ featuring two of their infectious tracks.

One of my biggest criticisms with the lo-fi sound is that it often serves as a way to cover up mediocre vocals.  But with these recordings, the vocals are loud and clear, while still featuring some killer glimmering guitar riffs.

Take a listen to the A-side, “Landlady”:


Listen for: the explosion of sound at 0:20.

You can grab the digital via their Bandcamp, or order the vinyl via Bombs By Mail.

Loving the sound, but not convinced you need another 7″ in your life?  Check out the colors on this vinyl:

And trust: my camera phone isn’t even close to doing justice to those colors.  When I showed it to a friend, his first reaction was “I want to eat it.”

Indie never tasted so good.

  1. Love their post-punk influence. Dopeness!

    • definitely! i’m hoping for more releases soon.


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