listen: “angels” – the xx

The xx, the London band that shocked us with their near-perfect debut album in 2009, announced earlier this summer that the follow-up, Coexist, will be released September 11th via Young Turks.

They’ve been playing some music from the new album at their live shows, but when you’re dealing with the sound quality issues coming from camera phones, you couldn’t get a good sense of the music.

Now, the band has officially released a track off the album, which you can stream below via YouTube.  The track, “Angels”, features the same stark sound you loved on their debut:


Listen for: the emotion in Romy Madley Croft’s vocals that make every repetition of the chorus sound brand new.

  1. Definitely excited to hear that they haven’t succumbed to the dreaded sophomore slump! Now I have to start the countdown for their new album. Thanks for sharing!

    • i know – i always dread hearing the first release of a sophomore album, but this just makes me more excited.

  2. Ms. Croft’s vocals make me want to do unmentionable things to my speaker box. Good stuff indeed!

    • haha. i’d hate to think what will happen when you hear the whole album

      • Just keep the defibrillator on hand. I may just need it.


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