new sound: deep time

One of the tricky things about creating music (and one of the many, many reasons I’m not in a band myself) is the need to differentiate your music from the thousands of other bands out there.   But the need to sound different can easily lead you down the wrong path – where you’re creating something that sounds different, but it doesn’t actually sound good.

It’s a tricky tightrope to walk.  Thankfully for music fans, there’s a lot of bands figuring exactly how to walk it.  One of those bands in Austin duo Deep Time (known, before threat of lawsuit, as Yellow Fever).   They’ve been gathering buzz for the last few years, but with the release of their debut self-titled album this week on Hardly Art, they seem poised to take it to the next level.

To find out why, take a listen to the track “Clouds,” courtesy of Hardly Art.  Fair warning, though: when I first heard this track, I was humming the melody for the next few days.  It definitely gets inside your head.

Deep Time – Clouds (mp3)

Listen for: Jennifer Moore’s intriguingly new-wave vocals

Their sound is too complex to be called minimalist, but restrained might be appropriate.  Every note seems to be carefully chosen, and anything unnecessary has been cut.  Their debut shows this same sense of restraint, with only 9 songs over 32 minutes.

Here’s “Homebody,” another track from the same album:

Deep Time – Homebody (mp3)

You can stream it the full album, as well as check tour dates, over at Brooklyn Vegan.  Or just go ahead and order the LP.  Did I mention it’s on opaque green vinyl?  Yeah, so get on that.

  1. Snap. May have to jump on that green vinyl… this is super cool!

    • It’s almost ridiculous how much colored vinyl influences my record buying. But yet, this is one worth having on any color.

  2. What a great find and I’m totally smitten. And so with this compliment I am going to have to feature Deep Time on my blog as well. I love it multiplied by infinity!

    • glad you liked it as much as i did!

  3. mleemarie said:

    i heart these guys big time. they freaking rock live

    • i’ve seen then once – at mangos, maybe? – but i really want to see them again. totally digging the record.

  4. mleemarie said:

    she’s like a modern-day doloris o’riordan


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