listen: “wildest moments” – jessie ware (star slinger remix)

I know you’re anxiously awaiting the release of UK singer Jessie Ware‘s debut album Devotion, due out August 20th via PMR Records.  Well, UK producer Star Slinger has you covered, releasing a remix of the track “Wildest Moments.”

It’s an official remix, but there’s not word yet on if/when it will be released.  B-side on a 7″ single, perhaps?  I’m voting for mint green vinyl on that one.  White vinyl’s getting overdone.

Stream the track below via Soundcloud:

Listen for:  the way the lyrics become the beat at 2:13.

Jessie Ware also released a video for the track, a minimalist take that features the singer and not much else:

Jessie Ware on 70dayweekend:

listen: “wildest moments” – jessie ware

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  1. Richard Reyes said:

    Jessie looks great and Ive been digging her for a while now. Ever since she came out with Sampha.Im glad she’s still doing her thing

    • looks like her full-length debut is going to be fantastic as well.

      • Richard Reyes said:

        I can wait for that…:)

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