watch: “i’m just me” – diamond rings

Let me tell you a story about the first time I saw Diamond Rings.  It was a day party in the middle of SXSW, meaning everyone there was hungover.  The show was in some abandoned field.  It was unseasonably hot, and there was approximately 6 square feet of shade.   If I was supposed to perform, I probably would have just stood in the corner of the stage and grumpily plowed my way through the set.

But I am not John O’Regan, aka Diamond Rings.  He ignored all the not-so-awesome aspects of his set-up and performed like he was playing a sold-out show.  And for that reason, I will always have love for Diamond Rings.

He has a new album coming out this fall via Astralwerks.  It was co-produced by Damian Taylor, who’s worked with Björk and Robyn, so you know you’re in for something good.  There’s no date for the release yet, but you can get a taste of it from the first single, “I’m Just Me.”  The video features a killer mixture of lasers, voguing, and killer fashion:


Watch for: the neon nail polish at 3:02 that you wish you could pull off in real life.

  1. I saw Diamond Rings open for Robyn in Minneapolis last year, I had no idea who he was at that point but was totally blown away. Loving his new stuff, can’t wait for the new album!

    • diamond rings & robyn sounds like an awesome combination

      • He’s kinda like the deep voiced twin of Robyn!
        I love your blog, thank you for your appreciation on mine,
        Artphalt (

        • yeah, i totally feel that – very similar vibes.

          and thanks for the love!

  2. This song totally blew me away. Interested to hear the rest of the album.

    • yeah he’s an interesting artist for sure.

  3. …there are some nice late Depeche Mode undertones here and i like the deep tones of his vocals.


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