listen: “fineshrine” – purity ring

Though it feels like we’ve been waiting forever, Shrines, the debut album from Purity Ring, still won’t be out for another month. In the meantime, though, another track from the band has been released.

Like the other track’s we’ve heard from the Canadian duo, this one’s got synths that will envelop your ears and ethereal vocals that will have you searching for deeper meaning.

Whether for good or for bad, it’ll only make you more desperate to hear the whole album. You can stream the song below, then grab the mp3 courtesy of 4AD:

Purity Ring – Fineshrine (mp3)

Listen for: the pause at 1:18 that leaves you begging for more.

Shrines will be released July 24th via 4AD.  Preorder it on limited-edition colored vinyl here and see if their late summer tour, including dates with Dirty Projectors and Wye Oak, will be coming through your city here.

Purity Ring on 70dayweekend:

watch: “belispeak” – purity ring
better late than never: “obedear” – purity ring

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  1. dunkdad said:

    I’m an electronic producer and DJ and I gotta say this stuff is pretty good! Nice Choice!

    • glad you liked it – the whole album is fantastic, really.

      • dunkdad said:

        How did you get the little audio players?

          • dunkdad said:

            Thanks, I know about that shortcut but it seems that it is a premium. If you want it free, then you must have the direct .mp3 link. So, just wondering if you have the premium audio/video/space upgrade or if you upload your music somewhere else and then use the shortcut?


            • I don’t have the upgrade. For my blog, I can usually find somewhere the music I’m interested in has already been posted – often at the record label’s site. Then, you can just use their link inside the shortcut, and the shortcut will post the audio player on your post.

              • dunkdad said:

                Oh thanks! I was just wondering for my own music that I create like dubstep/electronic/etc. I was wondering if there was a way where I could post and then do the shortcut? Anyways, Thanks


  2. mleemarie said:

    whoa, it does feel like i fell off a cliff at 1:18

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