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Swedish dream-poppers jj are back with a digital ep in celebration of midsummer’s eve, a holiday that takes on more significance in countries that face those long, dark winters.   The 5-song EP, predictably called High Summer, treads on many of the same themes we’ve seen in jj’s music before: drugs, fame, America.

I haven’t quite figured out the economics of releasing as much free music as jj does, but I’m not complaining.  You can download the whole EP below, via Sincerely Yours:

jj – high summer ep


High Summer
My Name
Big Hearts, Big Dreams

Best Lyrical Burn: “I don’t buy records, I make them”  [from “Big Hearts, Big Dreams”]

jj on 70dayweekend:

watch: “beautiful life” – jj
listen: “beautiful life” – jj

  1. haha, I was just going to post about the jj EP! High Summer is another perfect summer song!
    quick unrelated question, how do you insert that Currently Spinning section app into your blog? I want to put one in mine as well.

    • I just use the text box, and put some html in there. I can send it to you what I used, though. It’s pretty simple. E-mail?

      • yeah that would be awesome! boomingmusicscene AT Thanks!!


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