throwback thursday: saves the day

We were all young once, right? Or we at least thought we were. And even when we sort of knew we weren’t anymore we believed we could be.

Even when we woke up years later and realized with horror that we had wasted the best part of our youth on silly, stupid adult pursuits we could still pretend. And when we pretend we listen to Saves The Day.

Everyone throughout all time has Saves The Day. Even when it is not Saves The Day it is Saves The Day.

Sure maybe it’s dumb and juvenile (though not misanthropic juvenilia) but it still speaks to youth and speaks of youth.

“The world that’s flying by is slick and smooth…”

My good friend Toni used to go country cruising. Basically you drive around out in the middle of nowhere listening to music really loud and signing along. Usually while drinking beer. Despite the inherent dangers with this, it is some of the most fun you can have.

Though I’m pretty sure she never listened to this particular song (she used to make tons of fun of me for listening to Saves The Day at all) it encapsulates the ethos of country cruising quite beautifully.

That was a long time ago but maybe you can listen to this song and take 3 minutes and remember what it felt like – “the radio playing queen” and everything.

Sometimes it’s not simple escapism to remember. And while we can never go home again, I’m having a bad week and I miss my mom…

To be less maudlin for a second, I’ll say a couple of things about Saves The Day and their records. So this song above is from Through Being Cool which, while it was their second album it was the first I heard. “Should to the Wheel” is definitely the best song on there.

Their next album, Stay What You Are, is noticeably better or more mature or tighter or something. It’s also the album that got them ‘noticed’ from a national standpoint.

It is more cohesive I think and while Through Being Cool has jams I go back to (and an awesomely emo title), Stay What You Are is a record I can listen to start to finish (and the title is still pretty emo). Highlights for me on that record were definitely “Freakish” and “Firefly”.

“Freakish” nails that awkward feeling you have when trying to talk to someone you are interested in when you are a hyper-self aware kid. A terrible feeling for sure but one worthy of a chuckle when you’re older… while “Firefly” is a straight up jam. I still love it.

Saves The Day made more records after this but who cares? These two are all you need.

Dan Sharber is old and wasted much of his youth but still sometimes manages to put a positive spin on things and smile. And he wrote this post.

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