listen: “call me maybe” x “walking on broken glass”

I really struggle with how much I should share with you about my pop music obsession.  Because on one hand, pop music is fantastic.  It’s like candy – delicious, but not so nutritious. But on the other hand, I worry y’all will judge me and my (unimpeachable) music taste.  Let’s just say its a constant battle I face.

Today, pop music has won the battle over pretenciousness, and that means you get to listen to a fantastic mashup of Carly Rae Jepsen‘s hit “Call Me Maybe” and Annie Lennox’s 1992 classic “Walking on Broken Glass.”  The mashup was done by Rostam (Vampire Weekend, Discovery), saying that “this one is strictly for the lulz.”

And if you’re not getting a few lulz every day, what are you doing with your life, really?


Listen for: Carly Rae Jepsen’s vocals meshing perfectly with the piano line from “Broken Glass” at 0:38.

  1. I’m a little scared of how much I’m going to listen to this. Damn you, Rostam.

    • Yeah, I think this post should have come with a warning. The song’s been in my head for days.

    • ahleecat said:

      I’m already on my third time of listening to this. Rostam did a great job intertwining both songs almost seamlessly.

  2. …ain’t nothing wrong with pop music obsessions. In fact, I personally I think it lends a person credibility when they can enjoy radio friendly hits and the more atypical/experimental stuff. (or perhaps i’m just rationalizing my own enjoyment of these songs.)

    • Haha, maybe we’re all just rationalizing. But at some point, you’ve gotta stop analyzing and just enjoy music.

  3. Jules Maddy said:

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