watch: lcd soundsystem on shut up and play the hits

A while back, I told you about the documentary Shut Up And Play The Hits, which chronicles the end of LCD Soundsystem and their last show at Madison Square Garden.    If you haven’t seen it, go over and watch the trailer.  In fact, even if you have seen it, go watch the trailer again.  No joke – it makes me tear up every time.

Back then, the film was only showing at Sundance Film Festival, which left LCD Soundsystem fans (including myself) out of luck.  But now there’s good news – the filmmakers have arraigned for a one night only screening at dozens of theaters across the country on July 18th.   Check out the list of participating theaters here, and cross your fingers that your city is represented.

I am SO excited about this, because I thought for sure I would end up seeing this on the big screen.  And since I didn’t get to see the show at Madison Square Garden, the big screen is as close as I’m going to get.  And seeing a live performance at the theater is a hell of a lot more satisfying that watching some DVD version on my laptop.

Not convinced this is awesome yet?  Watch this 90-second clip from the film featuring the band playing their 2010 hit “Dance Yourself Clean” and imagine how awesome it will be to see it projected 20 feet tall in a theater full of friends.


Watch for: the intensity with which James Murphy sings/screams his vocals.  This is man who gives every bit of his energy to his fans.

Tickets for the July 18th showing went on sale Friday, so check that list of participating theaters again and secure your tickets.

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  1. You Hear That?!? said:

    Ooh this is good news :)

  2. markwoff said:

    Well, this looks great, thanks for posting. I have “demanded” a screening for York, UK!

    Fortunately, I got to see The LCDs thrice, including a memorable ‘trip’ to Sonar in Barcelona… VERY good live band.


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