new sound: ko ko

When people talk about “summer anthems,” they’re usually talking about the type of songs that are going to be played often and loud at summer parties.  Take a look at Stereogum’s yearly picks – LCD Soundsystem, Phoenix, Yeah Yeah Yeahs.  But these songs don’t quite say summer to me.

Don’t get me wrong, I love a good party jam, and I will still make a fool out of myself dancing to “Last Night” or “Lisztomania” when they come on the stereo.  But a summer jam should have the qualities of summer – laid-back, breezy, blissful.  It’s the song that makes you stop, relax, and enjoy – if only for a few seconds.  Last year, my jam was Dirty Gold‘s “California Sunrise” – a song featured the very first post I wrote for this blog.

As summer rolls around again, I’ve found a new song that brings me those same blissful vibes.  This one is from  KO KO, a brother duo from Southern California whose EP Float has been making waves around the indie blog scene lately.  They’ve got the 3-song EP available for free download over at their Bandcamp right now, but you better hurry.  There’s only a limited number of downloads available each month and I’ve learned from experience that they’re snatched up quickly.  When you hear the title track below, you’ll understand why.


Lyric to live your summer by: “In the morning I’ll be fine / In the morning I’ll be right”

  1. Argh won’t let me like this belter but it’s a great track choice and brilliant write up!! So pleased it’s downloadable!

    • looks like it’s gone (for the month) already! wow!


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