listen: “life” – summer camp

UK indie pop duo Summer Camp, which made one of our favorite releases of 2011 Welcome to Condale, are back with something new for us.  This track, “Life,” is from their forthcoming EP Always, which will be out July 9th via Moshi Moshi (UK) and July 10th via Apricot Recording Company (US).

The new song has a slightly different feel than the Summer Camp you met on Welcome to Condale and Young.  The 60’s and 80’s references are more muted now, replaced by a heavier dose of electronic sound.  If that concerns you, it shouldn’t.  Elizabeth Sankey’s strong vocals and Jeremy Warmsley’s catchy beats make sure it doesn’t stray to far from the Summer Camp you came to love.  I love how the lyrics turn what is at first glance a poppy love song into something darker, with Sankey singing, “My bloody hands reach only for you / my dark soul longs only for you / my icy breathe whispers your name / my cold skin wants to tough you again.”

Listen for: the steadily increasing tempo in the first minute of the song, taking the song from the coffee shop to the dance hall.

[via Listen Before You Buy]

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  1. Great stuff. There is definitely a good amount of Debbie Harry/Blondie in her vocals. Hard not to love that.

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