watch: “house” – kindness

Most music videos follow a fairly standard format.  You’ve got shots of the band playing, and most likely some sort of story being told.  It can range from straightforward to wacky to confusing, but the format largely remains the same..

But Kindness, the music project from Adam Bainbridge, takes a very different approach the video for his song “House.”  Rather than tell a story, or , he opens with his thoughts on pop music (“It’s unlike any scene I think of in the history of music.  It’s completely of, by, and for the kids.”), then teaches a young man how to play parts of the song on a drum machine & keyboard.  It’s only after about 4 1/2 minutes that the song comes in.

Watch for: the major dance party that breaks out around 5:50.

His album, World, You Need A Change Of Mind, is out now via Terrible Records, but you’ll need to wait a few more weeks for the vinyl.  If you can’t access the video right now, you can stream the song:

[via GvB]

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